Praise for Dungeon Master Pastor Retreats

This January, we’re launching our third retreat, Holy Rollers: Blest Marches. This experience will be similar to past experiences, but expanded in some exciting new ways. Hear what participants at our last Dungeon Master Pastor Retreat had to say about their experience:

“I loved diving deeper into how D&D can be used outside the gaming table.”

– 2019 Pastors & Dragons Retreat Participant

“The highlight for me was obviously the gaming, but the subjects in the learning sessions were on point. Also, I really liked how the groups switched up, so we played with everyone over the course of the week.”

-2019 Pastors & Dragons Retreat Participant

“The development of new personal relationships that were hopeful, supportive, and with a good chance of continuance was my favorite aspect. And, of course, the gaming.”

-2019 Pastors & Dragons Retreat Participant

“My highlight was being able to be myself. Also, the campaigns were brilliant.”

-2019 Pastors & Dragons Retreat Participant

“All the education sessions were well thought out and executed.”

-2019 Pastors & Dragons Retreat Participant

“The learning sessions! Great DMs who created a safe space! Playing with creative new friends!”

-2019 Pastors & Dragons Retreat Participant

“The best parts were the fellowship and the game session the final night. Yargle!”

-2019 Pastors & Dragons Retreat Participant

A Dungeon Master Pastor retreat is a chance to learn something new, develop new and lasting friendships in a restful retreat environment, and play some epic games of Dungeons & Dragons. It’s a gaming convention but without the overwhelming crowds. It’s a learning experience built around play. It’s spirit-filled but not oppressively pious. There’s truly no other experience like it.

Join us this January for our next retreat – Holy Rollers: Blest Marches!

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